Hurriyat (G) protests Geelani’s house arrest

SRINAGAR: Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman Syed Ali Geela¬ni’s supporters Friday held a protest over the curbs on his “political, social and re¬ligious activities.”
Geelani , who was sched¬uled to address a Friday gathering at Amira Kadal Jamia Masjid , was placed under house arrest by the police yesterday.
In a statement, Geelani described the police action as an act of hooliganism. He also slammed former Chief Minister Omar Abdul¬lah for “keeping me under house arrest during his en¬tire tenure and restricting my social, political and even religious activities.”
“Today’s episode reflects the future strategies of the future government and it looks that the pro-freedom camp will not be allowed to perform their activities,” Geelani said.
He said that the “au¬thorities in New Delhi have always choked the political space of the pro-freedom leadership and used force and hooliganism in place of democracy.”