Wuyan residents accuse police of letting ‘criminals’ free, fear reprisals

Iqbal Kirmani

Srinagar: The residents of Green Colony Wuyan in south Kashmir’s Khrew area have accused the police of putting their lives at risk by letting off “criminals” arrested earlier this week on their tip-off.
“We gave inputs to the police about the presence of gamblers and burglars. Now the police has released all of them. We fear that these notorious elements will exact revenge upon us ,” a delegation of residents told Kashmir Reader.
They said that following rampant burglaries in their area after the September floods, locals registered an FIR with the concerned police station. “Police asked us about the name of any suspect. We informed police about the presence of the suspects and got them arrested. In other words, the locality handed them over to police as we cordoned off the place where these criminals were holding a meeting,” they said.
The residents said that houses of Fayaz Ahmad Joo, Bashir Ahmad Khanday, Manzoor Ahmad Baba, Ghulam Hassan Badam and Shabir Ahmad were hit by burglars after which they had informed the police. “We suspected a local who was being aided by other persons from Indira Nagar locality of Srinagar. They are the same arrested for gambling,” said the residents.
The police had promised the residents that the accused will remain in custody and the locals will be kept informed about any developments in the case, the delegation said. “Police told us that they have been booked under the Gambling Act and would later be booked on charges of burglary. Now they are free and we fear reprisal from them,” they said.
“We are sure that they are the ones behind the robbery, but now our lives are in danger as they know that we have identified them. By releasing them police has put our lives in danger,” locals said.
When contacted Division Officer Khrew Javaid Ahmad said that the arrest people were set free on court orders, but were under surveillance. “We interrogated them and we did not find them behind any robbery. We are investigating the case,” Javaid told Kashmir Reader.
“People should not be scared of them. They are all under surveillance and won’t harm to anyone,” he said.