Mass promotion upto 7th class

Dear editor

Abu Hamza

Notwithstanding the directions of the High Court urging the Directorate of School Education to consider mass promotion up to 7th standard, no decision has been taken upto date. The lethargy of the concerned has left thousands of students and their parents in a dilemma.  The students upto this level had taken first and unit third examination by the time the floods hit the Valley. This means 80% of the syllabus was completed by then. There was no problem in promoting the students to higher classes. The reluctance of the authorities to take a decision on the issue has wasted precious time of the students. There is no denying the fact that the deluge wreaked havoc across Kashmir but the examinations could have been held on time.  Polling for first phase of the elections was mostly held in schools. The polling staff even spent the night in the `flood-hit’ schools. The examinations were postponed to March as a result of political rift between the education minister who wanted to hold the examinations on time and the chief minister. This was followed by the strict directions from the Directorate of School Education warning schools of dire consequences for holding internal examinations. Never has the Directorate put its foot down so firmly for improving the standard of education in Kashmir.  Now the students from class 8th to 12th have mentally prepared themselves for examinations in March but the lower classes do not know what to do.  They are in a dilemma and need to be relieved of the burden before it affects their delicate nerves.  Ordering mass promotion up to class 7th is the best way out and the concerned parties must go for it as soon as possible.  Secondly the autumn session suits the Valley and some zones of Jammu region. The decision was taken a few decades ago by experts to ensure participation of Valley students in competitive examinations, sports activities and educational tours. The spring session, therefore, should not become a routine. If an ignorant scribe takes all the experts in the Directorate of School Education for a ride, the system needs a general overhaul. The sooner it is done the better. While a general overhaul will take time, the concerned can meanwhile announce mass promotion up to 7th standard.


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