Wrong Report

Dear Editor

The report Ignored by Army, Rescued by Muslims, Cheated by Relatives (Kashmir Reader, October 21) is totally baseless and presents an incorrect picture of the case.

The reporter, Afzal Sofi, should have verified his information before publishing such a one-sided and irresponsible story.

The house the report refers to is actually in our father’s name, and this can be proved by (title) documents, academic testimonials, and his permanent resident certificate.

The subject of the KR report, on the other hand, has no such proof to support his claim.

His pension records and J and K Bank account would prove helpful in putting the record straight on important counts like parentage.

Having occupied our house illegally, Moti Lal Sus is now trying to gain sympathy for himself.

An FIR stands already lodged against him at the Kral Khud police station, and a complaint filed with the Sheikh-ul-Aalam Coordination Committee.

Besides the Divisional Commissioner for Kashmir, and the Deputy Commissioner and the Senior Superintendent of Police in Srinagar, I have also written to the Chief Minister’s Grievance Cell.

Also, we have received no government relief (after the floods) as Sus claims, and this can be verified from the Relief Commissioner and other official agencies.

Newspapers run the risk of losing public trust by publishing unverified claims, particularly when they hurt the sentiments of others.

Moti Lal Sus has tried to manipulate things to continue his occupation of the property.

I can take legal action against this.

Anil Kaul

-via email

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