KDF, PDP candidates hit back at Mir

BARMULLA: Reacting to Democratic Party Nationalist patron Ghulam Hasan Mir’s remarks, the KDF leader Shabir Ahmad Saturday said “merit was the casualty” during Mir’s tenure as MLA.
“There is not a single New Delhi-sponsored scheme, be it SSA or MGNREGA, that Mir didn’t interfere in to get his favourites benefitted.  There are many examples fropm his native villages,” Shabir said.
He said the people know “who has been looting them for more than a decade”.
“They don’t need anyone to explain it. Mir’s statement makes me laugh,” he added.
Meanwhile, the PDP candidate Abas Wani also hit back at Mir, saying “everyone knows who was responsible for burning of Tangmarg during 2010 unrest”.
“It was under his (Mir’s) leadership that Gulmarg was vandalised; our natural resources were looted by Mir in the name of development,” Abbas, who was addressing a rally, said
“There is no one among Mir’s relatives who is not adjusted irrespective of their qualification. Show me a single relative of his who was recruited on the basis of merit or qualification,” he added.