PDP releases manifesto, vows to fight for ‘self-rule’

SRINAGAR: Opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has invoked its ‘self-rule’ formula for the resolution of Kashmir issue in its election manifesto.
The manifesto titled ‘An Aspirational Agenda’ said it would remodel the political structure of the state and provide effective governance to fight corruption if it comes to power.
“The special status enshrined in Article 370 is required to empower the people of Jammu and Kashmir and help deal with the issues of identity, borders and governance,” the manifesto reads, adding that the PDP “will use Article 370 to restore the original special status of the state.”
The manifesto says that the ‘self-rule’ document will be “guiding framework for resolution of Kashmir.” The ‘self-rule’ seeks closer ties across the LoC, making borders irrelevant, complete connectivity, regional free trade area, extensive import substitution, besides intensive export orientation, globalization of skills and standards, international benchmarking of products and processes, regional trade integration with SAARC countries.
The manifesto released here Friday by PDP patron Mufti Mohammad Sayeed said that the party “will work afresh for Disturbed Areas Act (DAA) which would eventually pave way for withdrawal of Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA).”
“It would work for de novo examination of the issues relating to notifying of Disturbed Areas thereby paving the way for withdrawal of AFSPA,” it said.
It also promised to review cases against youths “after scrutiny” and “use of inhuman crowd control methods like the pellet guns.”
The PDP said it would “prevent harassment of Kashmiri youth outside the state” and set up a cell for passport clearance. Also, a special toll free hotline would be created in the Chief Minister’s office for young state subjects “who are in distress outside the state.”
The party said it will dedicate year 2015 to the youth as a tribute their role during the recent floods. It has also promised about democratization of students’ politics by allowing conducting of elections to student bodies in colleges and universities.
“Besides putting in place a mechanism for politico-economic remodeling of the state, PDP would initiate tangible measures for reforming the government to ensure effective governance, revive the civil society and provide greater opportunities to the youth to make them self-reliant,” the PDP said.
On migrant Kashmiri Pandits, it said it would initiate tangible measures for their reintegration and re-absorption “in the Kashmiri milieu.”
“PDP would also workout one-time settlement compensation for (PaK) refugees and pursue the resolution passed by JK assembly in 2005 for grant of ST status to the Pahari speaking people.”
The manifesto also asserts that PDP would “renegotiate all natural resource sharing agreements with the Centre”, in particular water resources and the hydro-power projects,” and seek share in the profits of NHPC emanating from J&K waters.
The PDP said rehabilitation of the flood-hit will be its “first priority.”