PDP, NC don’t want peace in Kashmir: Rajnath

ANANTNAG: Union Home minister and senior Bhartiya Janta Party leader Rajnath Singh Friday said that People’s Democratic Party and National Conference didn’t want peace to prevail in Kashmir.
“Some political parties don’t want peace in Jammu and Kashmir. Both PDP and NC for their political interests play a major part in this game,” Rajnath said in his telephonic address to a BJP rally in Pahalgam.
He said that BJP’s agenda is to bring peace and prosperity in the state. “But some parties are against the peace here. They (PDP, NC) see peace a biggest threat to their survival,” Rajnath told the gathering.
Accusing the PDP and coalition partners, Congress and NC of failing to incorporate 73rd amendment of Indian constitution in state’s Panchayat Raj Act, Rajnath said, “None of them wanted the institution of Panchayat to be empowered. They knew the empowerment of Panchayats will render them powerless in Kashmir.” He said that BJP, if elected to power, will work towards strengthening the Panchayats to ensure that the democracy reaches the doorstep of the common man.
He urged people to strengthen the party in the state for the development and prosperity. “BJP wants besides, the empowerment of a common man, to develop all the regions of the state which so far have been ignored by the successive regimes,” he told the gathering.
He said government of India is providing huge sums to the state but the men at helm do not properly utilise the amount on ground.
“Only BJP government in JK can ensure the proper utilization of funds. So for a change your vote matters a lot. You must make a good use of your vote to end the dynastic politics,” Rajnath told the party supporters.

One Response to "PDP, NC don’t want peace in Kashmir: Rajnath"

  1. jameel   November 29, 2014 at 10:15 am

    BJPs mission is to make people of Kashmir slave
    1. BJP and its cronies wants to tarnish the very identity of Kashmiris
    2. BJP wants to bring to an end the special constitutional status enjoyed by Kashmir
    3. BJP plans to dig deep and bury the very Muslim identity of Jammu and Kashmir region
    4. BJP wants to trample the human rights of people of Kashmir
    5. BJP also has a plan of taking full control of administrative and civil institutions of Kashmir
    6. Whereas Punan Kashmir is nothing but establishment of state within a state in Kashmir Valley
    7. Through sectarianism and violence, BJP wants to create sectarian rift in Jammu and Kashmir
    8. BJP wants to settle former Indian soldiers and non-Kashmiris into Jammu and Kashmir to change its demography