‘Remove encroachments on Jhelum’

Srinagar: The J&K High Court Monday directed authorities to enforce laws with their vigor to remove all the encroachments along the course of river Jhelum, the lifeline of Jammu and Kashmir.
“It appears that the Chief Engineer Irrigation and Flood Control Department has confined himself to the city of Srinagar alone for removal of encroachments. The River Jehlum is the main aquatic life line in the Valley,” a division bench of Justices Muzaffar Hussain Attar and Ali Mohammad Magrey said.
Besides the lifeline, the Jehlum is one of the oldest rivers of the Valley and civilizations have been set up on its banks in the history of thousands of years.
“The insatiable of human greed is bent upon to destroy this great river,” the bench said, underscoring that Chief Engineer (I&FC) and other statutory authorities were duty-bound to ensure removal of all encroachments from river banks along its entire course.
“The laws have to be enforced with all their vigour and force. Few individual’s greed cannot be permitted to play havoc with the rights of the millions of people of the Valley,” the bench said and directed the Chief Engineer to file the compliance report about removal of the encroachments before the next date on December 15.
“The Chief Engineer shall also inform the Court about the original recorded width of River Jehlum,” the bench added.