MDM urges politicians to read Dr Qasim’s book on elections

SRINAGAR: Days ahead of the Assembly polls, the pro-freedom Muslim Deeni Mahaz (MDM has urged the pro-India politicians, police, and officials to read the new book by its incarcerated patron Dr Muhammad Qasim on relevance of elections under the secular, democratic system.
Released on Sunday, the book titled ‘Wahi aur Aqal’ is being is distributed free of cost among the poll candidates, police officials, election officials, and imams of mosques, a statement issued here by the party said.
“The book highlights that man started his life on this planet under the teachings of Wahi, that the conflict of church and the kingdom in the west led to the development of secular system, and that the secular democratic system is based upon the negation of divine revelations and can never be acceptable to the Muslims. It shows the basic conflict between Islam and secular system of governance,” it said.
The book can be downloaded from, it added. MDM has already called for boycott of the upcoming assembly polls, stating that “elections are un-Islamic”, according to the statement.