Youth dying for cause but opportunist luring people towards elections: Geelani

Youth dying for cause but opportunist luring people towards elections: Geelani

SRINAGAR: Chairman Hurriyat Conference (G) Syed Ali Geelani Friday said that while youths are laying their life for the cause opportunist are trying to lure people towards elections.
Geelani while addressing the funeral of youths, killed in police and army action, via phone said, “These youth are presenting their precious lives against forced occupation, coercion and for securing our future.”
Asking people to repose faith in the movement Geelani said, “We are custodians and owe an obligation towards movement. It is our duty to follow the mission of those who are sacrificing their lives for a noble mission.”
He said, “People should be aware about the deceptive politics of pro-Indian leaders and parties including BJP, NC, Congress, PDP and others. They are instrumental in strengthening the occupation of India and deceiving people on one pretext or the other.”
Geelani while commending preachers for refusing to be the part of BJP said, “We pay our salute to religious clerics of state for their resentment against BJP and RSS.”

2 Responses to "Youth dying for cause but opportunist luring people towards elections: Geelani"

  1. Al Thani   November 23, 2014 at 11:59 pm

    Don’t listen to Mosque clergies or Geelani. All of them are manipulators. They are akin to wolves digging the soil for dry bones. These hypocrites have sold Kashmiris over and over again. Prove that being a Muslim we can live harmoniously with others. In Pakistan you are not going to be treated any better. Look at Azad Kashmir. Already split into different states and Kashmiris have become even poorer. Massive migration by rich Punjab businessmen into Azad Kashmir has made Kashmiris second class in their own land. It is not about whether we are Muslims or Pandits. It is about whether we are progressing both economically and peacefully. Are we leaving a legacy for next generation to live comfortably as Muslims. So ignore hurriyat thieves and built J&K into a progressive and prosperous state. Stop Kashmiris killing Kashmiris by listening to fake matyrs.

  2. jameel   November 22, 2014 at 11:59 am

    Stop politically the BJPs agenda entering with new face of Sajad Lone
    Will politically defeat when Kashmiris political parties will not sell their soul and conscience. Save Kashmir from BJP mission and its new agenda on Kashmir. There is no denying the fact that BJP led by Narendra Modi wants political support in the Valley – where it had no footing or following so far – to impose its agenda in Jammu and Kashmir and Sajad Lone is helping it to achieve this goal, despite the fact that the BJP is one of the extremist Hindu amalgam. I think that by hobnobbing with Narendra Modi, Mr Sajad is not doing any favour to the Kashmiri people but inviting anti-Kashmiri policies and non kashmiri with disaster for them