JKEDI hosts workshop on ‘startup fundamentals’

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir Entrepreneurship Development Institute (JKEDI) Wednesday hosted a day-long workshop on “Startup Fundamentals” designed to support current and aspiring student entrepreneurs build high-potential business ventures.
The ‘TATA First Dot Powered by NEN’ was held at the institute’s Pampore campus in which 115 people including startup entrepreneurs participated. The workshop (TATA First Dot) was held in collaboration with TATA Group and the Wadhwani Foundation’s National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN) Trust.
JKEDI is now among the top 22 institutes across India where this prestigious workshop is held every year.
‘TATA First Dot’ is India’s first national platform for student startups. It is a unique initiative which promotes mentors and showcases India’s most dynamic and youngest entrepreneurs, and is run by the collaborative efforts of TATA Group and the WF|NEN Trust.
The workshop arms participants with tools and techniques to help them critically analyze business ideas; assess market opportunities; develop initial business models, and understand various financing options. The workshop was a power-packed blend of group work, lectures, activities, and expert talks – all led by NEN’s network of faculty leaders, mentors and industry practitioners.
Additionally, the workshop included a great opportunity for participants to meet and interact with established entrepreneurs, TATA experts, and other student entrepreneurs in local cities and the region.
At least 115 participants from Islamic University of Science and Technology (IUST), University of Kashmir, Central University of Kashmir, SSM College of Engineering and Management, SEM College of Education and JKEDI sponsored and mentored entrepreneurs from across the state participated in the day-long event.
Last year two JKEDI sponsored and mentored entrepreneurial ventures were listed among India’s Top 30 student startups.
(PM 09:34:05) No affidavit from pensioners needed for taking up commercial employment
new delhi: Pensioners seeking permission from the government for taking up commercial employment within one year of retirement need not to give an affidavit affirming that there was no conflict of interest, the Centre said today.
Earlier, it was mandatory for a pensioner to file an affidavit along with a prescribed form for permission from the government to take up commercial employment.
The affidavit was to affirm that there was no conflict of interest between the policies of the office he has held in the last three years and the interest represented or work undertaken by the organisation he proposes to join, and that he was not privy to sensitive or strategic information in the last three years of his service.
The affidavit and permission was needed for a pensioner before seeking a commercial job within one year of his retirement.
The move comes as part of the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) reviewing the rules for pensioners to seek commercial employment.
“There is now no requirement for obtaining an affidavit (under the new rules),” the DoPT said.
Under the revised rules, an employee needs to give a self- verified declaration.
The declaration to be furnished says that the organisation in which the person is seeking employment is not involved in activities which are in conflict with or prejudicial to India’s foreign relations, national security and domestic harmony.
“The organisation is not undertaking any activity for intelligence gathering. The employment, which I propose to take up also will not entail activities which are in conflict with or involve activities prejudicial to India’s foreign relations, national security and domestic harmony,” reads the declaration.
The employee needs to declare that his service record is clear, particularly with respect to integrity and dealings with non-government organisations and that the proposed emoluments and pecuniary benefits are in conformity with the industry standards.
“I agree to withdraw from the commercial employment in case of any objection by the government,” the declaration says.
This step comes in the wake of the NDA government’s initiative to abolish affidavits from a majority of works, a DoPT official said. —PTI