48% female voters in B’mla

BARAMULLA: The seven assembly constituencies in this north Kashmir district have about 48 percent female voters.
As per official records, 2, 81,988 of the total 5, 91,218 registered voters in the district are females. The remaining 3, 09,230 voters (about 52 percent) are males.
The Uri constituency close to the Line of Control has 74,423 voters of which 39,264 are males and 35,159 are females.
Rafiabad has 80,152 voters. Among them 41,732 are males and 38,420 are females. Its adjoining Sopore constituency has 1, 03,731 voters of which 54,245 are males and 49,486 are females.
Sangrama has 66,085 voters including 34,889 males and 31,196 females.
Baramulla constituency has 82,741 voters with 43,015 males and 39,726 females. Gulmarg has 49,465 males and 45,231 females in the total 94,696 voters.
The Pattan constituency has a total of 89,390 voters including 46,620 males and 42,770 females.
The district, however, has a minor percentage of migrant voters. The entire district has only 8,956 migrant votes forming 1.51 percent of the total electorate.
As per the records, Uri has 318, Rafiabad 625, Sopore 2085, Sangrama 703, Gulmarg 2185, Pattan 570, and Baramulla has 2470 number of migrant voters.

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