Lone ridicules Omar, Mehbooba for ‘doublespeak’

Srinagar: Peoples Conference (JKPC) chairman Sajjad Gani Lone on Sunday questioned Chief Minister Omar Abdullah for not resigning if Congress didn’t support his endeavour to get the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) revoked.
In a statement Lone said, “Raking AFSPA issue at the time of elections is a political stunt to woo voters. But Kashmiri voters are mature enough to understand this hypocrisy of Omar.”
“If Congress opposed his move (to revoke AFSPA), why did he remain with them for six years? Just for the love of chair and to enjoy power? Now when people will hold him accountable in the elections he wants to pass on the buck to his friends, which people have fully understood,” he said.
The PC chairman also ridiculed Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) president Mehbooba Mufti’s assertions that 2015 will be the year of reconstruction and development, if her party wins.
“Mehbooba is trying to present rosy picture. But when her party was in power (2002-2008) why didn’t reconstruction and development happen? These dynastic politicians only know art of making false promises with people during elections,” he said.
Lone said that “winds of change were sweeping across the Valley” and his party would emerge as a “strong and morally acceptable” political alternative to the existing political culture which is based on nepotism, corruption and the political dividends of oppression.
“Kashmiris have been derived of the right to dream of a better future by our traditional political parties as the dreams of the common-man–those of dignity, prosperity and progress–were detrimental to the manipulative political system these parties represent. It’s time for a Kashmiri to dream beyond the political and economic limits designed and enforced by NC and PDP,” the PC chief said.
Lone claimed that PC “will eradicate and retire dynastic politicians in Assembly polls and will give the nay-sayers a lot of surprises throughout the Valley by emerging as a strong, political force of change.”