Whenever the radio playsshukr karo ke pade nahin hain meri maa ke dandey, Sheru laughs.
The mom is always on board. When girl meets boy, and is smitten, the mom is soon let in on the secret.
Mom takes keen interest. She asks many questions.
How tall is he? What are his future plans? Does he really love you?
The buchi has answers for them all.
Mom sees the sparkle in her eyes, and mom’s eyes too begin to shine.

The previous decade, Sheru’s friend fell in laive.
Being a purani khiladi, mom passed on valuable tips to her buchi who succeeded in turning life miserable for Sheru’s friend.
The buchi also managed to give Sheru’s friend the impression that mom was ‘strict’ and would not allow an affair.
Sheru had his hearty laugh when told of the tyrant.
“My dear,” he comforted his friend, “she knows everything about you. Don’t worry.”
But Sheru’s friend would not agree.
As if Sheru cares!

Days passed.

Sheru’s friend lost raat ki neend and din ka chain.
One day Sheru took him along.
“Show me her home.”
After about a mile or so, they came to small but beautiful house.
As usual, the khidki opened and the buchi showed her lovely face.
But Sheru was not interested in this. He was looking for something else. And then Sheru smiled.
He had been proved right yet again.
Mom was peeping out from another window, hidden behind curtains.
How could she have escaped Sheru’s uqaabi nigah.
Too busy exchanging glances with his lady love, Sheru’s friend was totally oblivious of the show on the side.

On the way back, Sheru brought him up to speed.
But he would not even hear of it.
Sheru let the poor fellow be.

The next day, Sheru’s friend saw his laive in the market.
He talked to her and was very happy.
She had agreed to meet him again the day after.
She had also enquired about Sheru.
Sheru’s friend still did not get it.
“When you meet her tomorrow,” Sheru advised his friend, “ask her what her mom thinks about Sheru.”

It took Sheru more than an hour to convince him that mom was no problem, that she was totally in the know, and fully on board.

Long live moms. Their experience helps buchies select a suitable match. Only that, in many cases, they sour it all by poking long noses into the buchies’ married lives.