Officials OK man’s plea for compensation in area floods didn’t touch

SRINAGAR: Revenue officials have certified that a leading grocery store in Sanat Nagar suffered damages worth lakhs of rupees in the September floods, although the area was among the few the floods spared.
The case prepared by halqa patwari of Baghat Burzulla and then stamped by naib tehsildar and tehsildar of Chanpora, if approved, qualifies the shopkeeper for compensation.
The store owner had submitted an application to the revenue department for compensation against “the loss to house and business establishment”.
“My house and three shops were hit by the floods, causing damage to grocery, bakery products and other goods,” reads his application.
“The damage is in lakhs,” reads the report signed by the patwari concerned.
However, according to local residents, the claim is fraudulent because Sanat Nagar was unaffected by the floods.
“The shopkeeper has misled the authorities by mentioning the damage and the authorities for some unknown reason agreed with what he has fabricated,” they said.
When contacted, naib tehsildar Ghulam Qadir Mir told Kashmir Reader that the process “may have been aborted” by now.
“As far as I know, Sanat Nagar was affected due to floods caused by the blockage of drains. Further, we may have stopped processing this case,” he said.