Kangri prices heat up in North Kashmir

Baramulla: Even before the chilling winter season is yet to set in the price of Bandipora made Kangri, a pot of embers, has already started heating up in many areas of North Kashmir. This year the cost of Bandipora Kangri has shoot up to Rs 1200 here freezing low-income families who warm themselves with this cheap and traditional source of heat.
According to the residents of these areas with winter setting in the prices of areas Kangri in Baramulla, Sopore, Kupwara, Handwara and other places has gone up Rs 1200.
Tariq Ahmad Bhat, a local business man of Baramulla town said that with the beginning of the winter season the Kangri sellers are racking up the prices from Rs 200 to 1200.
A local journalist Javid Ahmad while talking to Kashmir Reader said, “ Last year I brought the same Kangri for Rs 110 only. But 1200 is a huge amount for a Kangri. Government should initiate some steps to reduce such exorbitant prices.”
While people are complaining the makers and sellers of Kangri have there own reasons.
Mohammad Maqbool, a Kangri seller said, “A fourth class government employ gets 30 thousand rupees pay per month. But when a labourer increases his wages it becomes an issue. The selling price of Kangri reflects the increase of wages demanded by the labourers.”
He said that Kangris made in Bandipora are strong and beautiful. “Out Kangris are head above the rest from others and that is why our rate is also a bit high,” said Maqbool.
Kangri is a portable and moving heater that Kashmiris keep in their pheran, during the frosty winters. It is a earthenware filled with ember and encased in handmade wicker baskets and carried as a personal warmer. It is considered an effective and economical heating arrangement in Kashmir where the absence of electricity forces people to use this traditional ember pot.