‘New Delhi frustrated Mushraff proposal’

SRINAGAR: Former Law minister of India and chairman Kashmir Committee, Ram Jethmalani Saturday said the government of India ‘frustated’ General Parvez Musharraf’s formula for Kashmir resolution.
Talking to reporters, the noted Supreme lawyer praised Musharraf’s formula. “It is a wonderful document. I admit his efforts were frustrated by India and not Pakistan,” he said.
Jethmalani claimed he had made some changes to Musharraf’s proposal. “Musharraf had no issues with my changes,” he said adding ‘Musharraf sent the document to me through a common friend.”
The former law minister said the Kashmiris had their own Constituent Assembly and framed their own constitution. “This is plebiscite. Now there is no need for a plebiscite,” he said.
Ram sought severe punishment for the soldiers involved in killing of two youth at Chattergam on Monday. Leaving scope for ‘margin of error’ he said if they (army men) did it intentionally they must be hanged.
On demilitarization of both parts of Kashmir, he said, “It means that army should not intervene in the affairs of the government. Army presence will be terminated as soon as possible. Once infiltration and terror stop, I am sure they will go.”
The noted Supreme Court lawyer said all the pro-freedom leaders are not agents of Pakistan and people should stop calling them separatists as most of them want to live with India.
“They are not separatists and I am glad to tell you that majority of them want to be with India,” Jethmalani said. ‘
When asked to identify those who wanted to live with India, he said , “Ask them and you will come to know what they want.”
He criticized the Modi led government for calling off the talks with Pakistan in protest of the meeting of Pakistan High Commissioner with pro-freedom leaders, he said he had criticised the government of India for not talking to Pakistan.
On poll boycott campaign, Jethmalani said it is an offence to call for it.
“It is an offence and contrary to law to ask people for poll-boycott.”
On curbs on Hurriyat leaders, Ram said “I have told them (separatists) to create good evidence that they have been restrained and I will take the matter to the Supreme Court.”
Ram said Article 370 cannot be repealed. “I have made the Prime Minister of India aware of its importance and now the BJP is silent about it,” he said.
The Kashmir committee was constituted in 2002 to reach out to separatists in the valley. Reacting to the role of the committee in the current scenario, Jethmalani had said on August 16, 2014, “it is still alive and doing its job, but sometimes had to work out of public eye”.