NC slams PDP over induction of ‘dreaded figures’ like Ashiq Bukhari

Srinagar: Ruling National Conference Friday lashed out at opposition PDP over the induction of “dreaded figures” like former SOG officer Syed Ashiq Hussain Bukhari.
The PDP was “perpetrating a politics of contrarianism, hypocrisy and insensitivity towards the youth of the state by promoting those individuals who have been involved in wreaking havoc with the future of our youth through wanton corruption and systemic harassment and torture,” NC’s additional general secretary Mustafa Kamal said in a statement.
“Today PDP has become a safe haven not only for those caught red-handed involved in scams and wanton corruption but also those individuals like former SSP Ashiq Bukhari who is a figure sworn with conviction to the repression and harassment of the youth of J&K,” Kamal said.
“Young children in the state have numerous tales of torture and extra-judicial torment to relate when it comes to Ashiq Bukhari. Mufti Sayeed was dreaded for the massacres of Gaw Kadal, Bijbehara and Handwara, and Ashiq Bukhari is a figure of notoriety when it comes to his brutal and ruthless track-record as a police officer. So this association while very natural is a prime example of what PDP represents as a political party. Mufti Sayeed stands completely exposed,” Kamal said.