Chattergam killings ‘underscore futility of probes’

Iqbal Kirmani

Srinagar: The killing of two teenagers by soldiers of 53 Rashtriya Rifles in Chattergam has been widely condemned. However, for the first time the opinion columns in a majority of the Indian media have not only been unsparing in the criticism of the army’s action but also questioned the utility of probes that are inevitably ordered after every such crime. Many intellectuals and academics told Kashmir Reader that in Kashmir, these probes are treated as a joke now, and are talked about only to remind the people about their futility.

The people in the Valley never believe in the results of these inquiries as there is no record of how many culprits have been penalised in the recent past. They are only meant to pacify the public anger. The state orders them only to buy time. Even if a culprit is identified, the state government has to seek clearance from New Delhi to prosecute him. The sanction seldom comes.— Prof Sheikh Showkat Hussain

The (fresh) probe will only add to the common man’s scepticism about the inquiries ordered by the state. There is a long history of such probes and how AFSPA save the guilty.—Prof Noor Mohammad Baba

AFSPA is like an all-season attire for those who kill, torture and can make anyone disappear on the basis of suspicion in the Valley.—Dr Bashir Ahmad, political science scholar

How could anyone believe in this probe when many similar probes in the past have yielded no results? When the government of India is not ready even to negotiate on AFSPA, how could anyone believe that they will actually act against the armed forces?—Mohammad Ibrahim Khaja, an Assistant Professor in the Higher Education Department