Love for the Prophet (PBUH)

No Muslim can have faith unless he loves the Prophet (SAW) more than his father and children (Al Bukhari)

The birthday of the most revered Prophet (SAW) is celebrated with religious fervour across the globe on 12th Rabi-ul-Awwal. Muslims celebrate the occasion with enthusiasm to express their love for the Rahmatan-lil-Aalameen (SAW).

The love of the most revered Prophet (SAW) is an essential ingredient of faith. Abu Huraira (RA) quotes the most revered Prophet (SAW) as having said: “By Him in Whose hands my life is, none of you will have faith unless he loves me more than his father and his children.” (Al Bukhari).

Love of the Holy Prophet (SAW) is where the ultimate salvation of a believer lies.

“If they want that Allah should love them, tell them to love the most revered Prophet (SAW).” (Al Baqara).

Now what does this love want from Muslims?

A believer who loves the Holy Prophet (SAW) must strictly follow the path shown by the Imam-ul-Ambia (SAW). He has to offer salaat, he has to fast during the holy month of Ramadhan, he has to perform Hajj, he has to purify his wealth by giving zakaat, he has to seek knowledge, he has to administer justice even if it annoys his close relatives, he has to look into his neighbourhood, and so on.

There is no denying the fact that Muslims celebrate the birthday of the Holy Prophet (SAW) with enthusiasm, but when it comes to implementing his sayings, they behave like hypocrites.

Present-day Muslims turn violent when unscrupulous elements resort to blasphemy, but when Muslims themselves violate divine commandments and the sayings of the Holy Prophet (SAW), no eyebrows are raised and no processions taken out.

The irony is that those who ask Muslims to act strictly in accordance with Quranic commandments and the hadith are ignored, and at times humiliated. So-called modern Muslims cast aspersions on them. Isn’t this blasphemy? Muslims better ponder.

The infidels of Makkah gave some tough moments to the beloved Prophet (SAW). But deep within their hearts, they were convinced about the truthfulness of the Holy Prophet (SAW) and his message. Unfortunately, present day Muslims lack this.

Atba and Ateeba were two sons of the enemy of Islam, Abu Lahab. They were married to two of the Holy Prophet’s (SAW) daughters.

When the Holy Prophet (SAW) was directed to convey the divine message publicly, Abu Lahab came out openly against him. He told his sons to divorce the Prophet’s (SAW) daughters. Both of them obeyed.

Ateeba executed the divorce politely. He even apologized for the inconvenience he had caused.

But Atba behaved rudely. The most revered Prophet (SAW) was deeply hurt. He cursed Atba.

When Abu Lahab came to know, he was terrified. He told his men to guard Atba all the time.

“Muhammad (SAW) has cursed him. He is in danger,” he told his men.

Atba was later killed by a beast.

Abu Lahab knew that whatever comes out of the lips of the Prophet (SAW) was bound to happen.

The same Prophet (SAW) has repeatedly warned Muslims against waywardness, promiscuity, and disobeying Allah the Most Exalted, but who cares.

Present day Muslims need to learn a lesson from Abu Lahab.