State officials denied accommodation in JK House


SRINAGAR: At least 24 officials deputed by the Election Commission of India for training in New Delhi were denied accommodation on November 04 when they reached JK House to attend the five day training programme.
Officials including assistant commissioners and tehsildars upon reaching New Delhi were denied accommodation in JK house. “When we left for Delhi we were told that our accommodation has been made in JK house. Despite showing them the orders about our accommodation in JK house they did not listen to us,” an official, Shoaib Mohammad told Kashmir Reader.
The officials there, he said, later asked them to go to Kisan Ghar, 45 kms away from the training venue.
“Left with no option we rushed to Kisan Ghar not bothering about the distance. However, we could not afford to stay there for more than a night. It was the harsh experience to spend a night there. There was no water in washrooms and toilets. Mosquitoes kept us biting there all the night,” he said.
Another official wishing anonymity said there accommodation was later arranged in Tamil Nadu Bhawan. “After our protest with ECI we were provided accommodation in TN Bhawan where the facilities are more than the JK house,” the official said.
“If JK house is meant for the politicians, big babus and their families only, the officials should not have sent us there to face humiliation,” he said.