Sen scolds Sher-e-Kashmir

When Indian troops landed in Srinagar on October 27, 1947, National Conference workers headed by Bakshi Ghulam Muhammad provided them vehicles and vital information about the tribesmen.

Brigadier LP Sen who commanded the troops has acknowledged their contribution in his book Slender Was The Thread. But on November 4, when Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah and Bakshi Ghulam Muhammad called on him at his headquarters, he scolded them and ordered them out. The `lion’ and his deputy left hurriedly without offering any resistance.

On November 4, 1947 ,Sardar Patel and Sardar Baldev (the defense minister) arrived in the Valley to have an on the spot assessment of the situation. They rushed to Brigadier LP Sen’s headquarters to know about the military operation that had been launched in wee hours on October 27. Brigadier Sen apprised them of the situation and sought additional troops and artillery, which was promised and sent in a couple of days.

The head of the emergency government, Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah and his deputy, Ghulam Muhammad Bakshi, accompanied Patel and Baldev Singh to the airport to see them off.  On way to Srinagar, they decided to visit the Brigade headquarters. They were received by Major Kak, the liason officer.  Sher-e-Kashmir and his deputy were taken to the operations room where Major Kak explained things to them. Brigadier Sen was busy on a wireless set and had no idea of the ‘important’ meeting in the operations room.

Major Kak was showing them a map and pointed out the deployment of the brigade when Brigadier Sen entered the room. He narrates the incident in his book on page 77. “When I entered the room and was greeted with the sight of two unknown civilians carefully studying the map, I was furious. I did not ask who they were, but ordered them to leave the room immediately and never to set foot in it again. They left hurriedly. It was only when their vehicle had disappeared into the distance that Major Kak told me who they were.”