Ghulam Muhammad Jan alias Mama Jora

Ghulam Muhammad Jan alias Mama Jora was born to Muhammad Jan in 1915 at Hamambal, Khanyar.  After passing his matriculation, Jora joined National Conference in 1938. Jora shot into prominence during the Quit Kashmir Movement in 1946. The Viceroy was scheduled to visit Kashmir and was to be taken into a boat rally around Srinagar. Jora was directed to play a detractor. He addressed the people at Khankah-e-Moula urging them to register protest against the arrival of the viceroy. “Just jump into Jhelum and frustrate his visit,” he told the gathering amid thundering applause from thousands of people who had assembled at Khankah-e-Moula to listen to him.

The charged and hostile atmosphere in the city forced the Viceroy to cancel his visit. Jora was arrested and imprisoned for six months and a fine of Rupees 250 was also imposed on him. In 1947, when Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah assumed power, Jora was appointed in the Police Department and posted at Jammu. After a few days, thousands of Muslims were massacred. Jora registered strong protest against the killings and resigned. On hearing about his resignation, Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah said, “Thousands of people like Jora are ready to work for me.” On his arrival in Srinagar, Jora joined the Muslim Conference. He soon became an important member of the War Council and worked day in and day out for the cause. He believed in the total accession of Kashmir with Pakistan. His contemporaries say that he commanded respect in Pakistan.  Jora died in 1952 and was buried at    Hamambal.

Jora is one of the few Kashmiris who registered protest against massacre of Muslims in Jammu in 1947. He could have remained silent and rose to heights like his other colleagues. But he chose to speak out at a time when it mattered. He was instrumental in sending Rahim Waza to Pakistan to help Mirwaiz Yusuf Shah.  He took advantage of his connections in Pakistan and helped the migrants and the exiled people in settling down.