Holding elections two months after floods unethical: RTI Movement

SRINAGAR: The J&K RTI Movement Tuesday criticised the decision to hold Assembly elections in the state barely two months after the devastating flood.
“Elections, rather than rehabilitation of the flood-affected families, will become priority of the government. The government will focus on the elections, and the flood-affected people throughout the state will suffer. It is a way to hide the state’s failure in managing the crisis,” Chairman of the association, Dr Shaikh Ghulam Rasool, said in a press statement.
The association demanded establishment of a “fact finding team” to identify the factors that caused the flood.
“A flood commission must be constituted by the government to probe the facts behind floods. Conducting elections is unjustifiable and unethical on part of the Election Commission of India. If elections can be delayed in Uttarakhand, why not in J&K?,” Rasool said, suggesting “the fact finding team should comprise of researchers, scientists, environment experts and social activists”.
“The call details of the ministers, district commissioners, SPs and SSPs, pertaining to the period of the flood shall be made public,” he added.