Model code comes into force

Srinagar: With the announcement of five-phased elections in the state, the model code of conduct came into force across Jammu and Kashmir with immediate effect on Saturday.
The conduct, a set of legally binding dos and don’ts, prevents Ministers from combining official visits with electioneering work and bans the use of official machinery for campaigning as well as the advertisements at the cost of the state exchequer for partisan coverage of political news.
As per the code, all parties and candidates have been barred from scrupulously activities which are “corrupt” and offences under the election law, such as bribing, intimidation or impersonation of voters.
It also bars the transport and conveyance of voters to and from polling station besides bans transfer of officials in the state.
“All the provisions of the Model Code will apply to the whole of (J&K) and will be applicable to all candidates, political parties,” the Election Commission has said.
The Commission, as per a statement issued here, has made elaborate arrangements for ensuring the effective implementation of the MCC Guidelines.
“Any violations would be strictly dealt with and the Commission re-emphasizes that the instructions issued in this regard from time to time should be read and understood by all Political Parties, contesting candidates and their agents/representatives, to avoid any misgivings or lack of information or understanding or interpretation,” it said.