And the Friendship Ended

Some good people say that friendship recognizes no barriers. A question has been haunting Sheru since college days: does friendship recognize the gender barrier?  Modern buchies, aunties and bachays believe it does not. In fact, friendship between people of opposite genders is in fashion these days.

Sheru had a friend in the university.  Fellow-students would call him Set Back. At the moment, Sheru is in no mood to disclose why. And when Sheru is not in the mood, he cannot be forced to do what he does not want to, because Sheru does not care.

Anyway, Sheru’s friend had a female friend, but she was not his girlfriend. It was a platonic relationship, and the parents of both of them were aware of it.

But then came a time when the buchi got married.  She was not that modern, but told her husband about her friend. Her husband was not modern at all, but he did not react immediately.

A few months later, Sheru’s friend called his friend but could not connect to her.

He took it lightly and called on Sheru.

After hearing the not-so-duckhi story, Sheru said that her husband must have put him on the reject list.  Sheru’s friend did not agree.

According to him, he (his friend’s husband) was not that narrow-minded.  Sheru smiled, much to his discomfort.

Sheru’s friend left and received the shock of his life in the evening.

He went to his friend’s’ office to enquire about her health. She was hale and hearty.  She had put on some weight.

 They talked about the good old days. Finally he asked her what was wrong with her phone.

“I have been trying your cell since morning, but could not connect you.”

She looked into his eyes.

“My husband has put you on the reject list. He does not like our relationship.”

She did not tell him to refrain from phoning her.  Her silence conveyed the message.

He got up and left.

And spent the entire evening with Sheru, marveling over it all…