Abdul Samad Mir

Two hundred years ago, a family migrated from Mirpur and settled at Khanyar. They started weaving shawls for some time. One of the members of the family, Qadir Mir, migrated to Pampore. Abdul  Samad Mir was a descendent of this family. He was a simple and devout Muslim. He believed in simple living and high thinking. At an early age, he memorized the whole Quran and was held in high esteem in Pampore and the adjoining areas. Mir refused to pose for a photograph despite repeated pleas by his family members.

Mir took active part in the freedom struggle. In 1945, he was arrested when police opened fire at Pampore, killing two persons, identified as Ghulam Nabi Dar and Rahim Sheikh. He led a protest demonstration. He was ruthlessly beaten by a police officer and then taken to the local police station.

This evoked severe reaction. Hundreds of people accompanied him to the police station and raised   slogans against the police and the Maharaja. The police was forced to release him.

He also took active part in the Quit Kashmir Movement in 1946. He would look after the families of the activist who got killed in the 1945 incident. He also provided succor to all the families whose bread- winners were arrested during the Quit Kashmir Movement. He was also accused of being a Pakistani agent during Sher-e-Kashmir’s regime. Mir found himself behind the bars once again. However, the Deputy Prime Minister, Bakshi Ghulam Muhammad ordered his unconditional release.

Mir did not participate actively in the movement launched by Plebiscite Front owing to his age. However, he continued to sympathise with the freedom fighters, their cause and their families.  Mir passed away in 1966. His son, Abdul Salam Mir alias Majroo, who was an active member of the Plebiscite Front refused to accept freedom fighter allowance on behalf of his father.