By Mir Suhail

By Mir Suhail

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  1. Lousa   October 28, 2014 at 7:25 pm

    Above anon, no Shekhar does not fit into the image painted by Shiv for him. Even I had a lot of rpsceet for him, till I uncovered that he was after a Rajya Sabha seat and therefore goes all out to please the incumbent government.And why do you expect anything from Sushma Nath…..she was part of the 6th CPC Sri Krishna Committee, and was later made expenditure secretary, the person who delegates funds, she was actually made to honour her own decision in the pay panel. This was a deliberate move. She did her own in the committee and then later rejected all the recommendations etc made for the pay commission.Its all planned. No amount of Shiv Aroors or`Shekhars can help change the situation.


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