Netizens divided over govt move to defer exams


Srinagar: The decision of the government to defer examinations to March in wake of the devastating floods has triggered a debate on the social media, with many netizens supporting the decision while others describing it as illogical and politically-motivated.
“The decision to hold the exams in March is a wise decision on part of government but the same session should continue onwards. If it is for one year only then it is going to damage the students more,” wrote a teacher, Gulzar Ahmad, on Facebook.
Another Facebook user, Ghulam Nabi, seconded Ahmad’s views. He wrote, “Yes the decision if not applied for one year only will prove to a blessing in disguise. But I am sure this will not continue.”
However many others opposed the decision, describing it as unwise and politically-motivated.
“Murder of academics. Flood after flood. If the situation was abnormal for conduct of exams, then was not the mass promotion from 1st to 9th classes the best possible alternative as suggested by many academicians…Have the men at helm lost all the wisdom or the decision is political one. Fact is that we are all losers and if the government means the well being of its subjects, decision has to be reversed,” wrote Muzaffar Parray, a government teacher.
Even the top level officials in the state administration are not hesitant to take on the government for its decision to hold exams in March. “Our progeny is in dilemma because of our lackadaisical approach. The government could have gone for either of the options…Conduct of exams up to 9th in those areas where there was no effect of floods or impact was low and mass promotions where the devastation was irreparable,” wrote Qamar Sajad, a KAS officer.
“By saying NO to exams or postponing for six months what good are we going to our coming generations,”he said.
Endorsing his views, a Facebook user, Vakeel Shah wrote, “I fully endorse your view sir. One person rightly pointed out that seriously affected students might have lost their books in flood and by postponing exams they would need a new set of books and would also be required to arrange fresh notes.”