Sheru’s Dreams

One of Sheru’s friends believes that dreams are always in black and white.  But all Sheru’s dreams are in colour.  Of course, some used to be in black and white, but they have faded from his memory because they could not be fulfilled for one reason or the other. For example, Sheru wanted to be a doctor, but this was not to be.  Today, Sheru feels that the white coat would have spoilt him.

The grapes are sour.

Coming back to colourful or rangeen dreams.


Sheru’s friend does not understand the difference between them. He is not colour blind. He has a beautiful pair of eyes. They are ‘deep’ as well, and can drown anyone who dares to look into them.  Sheru feels sorry for him. There are people with phuti phuti eyes, but they enjoy their dreams. Sheru has finally come to the conclusion that beautiful eyes are worthless if they dream in black and white.

Sheru’s friend mostly dreams about mountains, rivers, boats and trucks. Nobody in his family has been a trekker or a trucker. He does not own a boat either.  Sheru fails to understand the reason behind his grave defect. Only a counselor can help him now.  It is believed that dreams are a reflection of what the person sees or thinks during the day.

Sheru on the contrary dreams about… It is top secret. Sheru is not interested in losing his secrets. He, however, can inform esteemed readers on a dream of another friend.

The friend dreamt of a beautiful buchi with a gold chain in her delicate hands. She was walking towards him slowly, trampling the lush green turf beneath her feet. Sheru’s friend waited anxiously. His heart was beating rapidly and loudly. Finally, the dame came close and put the gold chain round his neck.

This is when he opened his eyes. The dame had vanished into thin air.

He saw his mother standing over him with a bag in her hands.

“Get up. It is getting late. Take this bag and get us some bread from the baker,” she screamed.

Sheru’s friend came out of his fantasies. He took the bag and gave his mother a woeful look.

A number of people were waiting for their turn at the baker’s.  Smoke from the tandoor burned the eyes. Sheru saw him, and mimicked Rajesh Khana: “tumhari aankhoon mein pani.”