GoI, J&K Govt prioritisng elections instead of rehabilitation of flood affected people: SERF

Srinagar: Alleging both the state government and government of India for proritising politics and elections at the cost of rehabilitation of the flood affected people of Jammu and Kashmir, the State Economic Reconstruction Forum (SERF) has appealed for mass public in Saturday’s roadshow protest.
SERF is a forum jointly constituted by the apex organisations of trade, commerce and industry of Kashmir in the aftermath of the September floods with the objective of collectively pursuing the rehabilitation and economic interests of the common masses.
“The focus of both the state and the central governments seems to on issues like elections. Politics has taken a front seat even in the relief and rehabilitation efforts thereby causing further damage. The entire recovery policy seems to have gone out of focus of these governments,” SERF said in a statement here on Friday.
“Having regard to the magnitude of the disaster, the SERF has, in the larger interest of the general people, been tolerant in giving the State and Central Governments adequate time to respond. Six weeks have passed since the floods but they have done nothing so far regarding the rehabilitation of the people. Both the governments have shifted there prioritise from floods to elections,” the statement reads.
To express its anguish on the issues, the SERF has organized a mass meeting of its members on Saturday at 11 am.
There seems to be no lessening in the torment and anguish of the common man, the SERF statement said, adding coming winter months and snowfall will only add to the burden and the state government has routinely announced the Durbar Move as if nothing has happened.
The SERF also alleged the banks for failing to deliver at this hour of need.
“They have not only failed to deliver but have attempted to profit from the miseries of the people,” said the spokesperson. “The RBI guidelines emphasizing on immediate relief to the people have been deliberately ignored and delayed. Interest for the month of September, 2014 has been charged from all accounts. The banks have encouraged people to avail overdrafts and adhoc loans in order to earn extra interest. The banks have adopted a unilateral approach and have failed to take stakeholders on board.”
Saying that government of India has delayed the intervention of the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank, SERF said the loss assessment has been reflective of the incompetence of the Governments.
“Kashmiri’s living all over the world have expressed their desire to help. Donations in the shape of cash and equipment has been collected. But this effort too is being thwarted by imposing politically colored conditions,” the spokesperson said.