KASHMIR’S UNSUNG HEROES: Mirwaiz Maulana Rasool Shah – II

Another reason for Mirwaiz Rasool Sahib to start the Anjuman-e-Nusrat-ul-Islam was the presence of Christian missionaries in the Valley, who had already established a school and a hospital to facilitate the propagation of Christianity in Kashmir. They were, to some extent, successful in their endeavour as some Kashmiri families did embrace the Christian faith. The Mirwaiz was greatly disturbed by such developments, and provided an alternative in the shape of the Anjuman.

Maulana Rasool Shah became the Mirwaiz of Kashmir on March 5, 1891, when his father passed away. His erudition could be gauged from the fact that his exposition of the Sura Mulk and Sura Rahman (two chapters of the Holy Qur’an) stretched into eight years. Besides, he lectured on the Chahal Hadees of Sheikh Ali Bin Sultan Muhammad Qari for nine consecutive years, and had a number of publications to his credit.

The Mirwaiz commanded immense respect. Nobody would smoke in his presence. On seeing him approach, people would hide their cigarettes.

Mirwaiz Rasool Sahib passed away on July 30, 1909, after a brief illness. His death was widely mourned in the Valley and outside.  Renowned scholar Maulana Anwar Shah Kashmiri mourned his death through a couplet.