Compensate flood victims on lines of KP package: JKCCS

Srinagar: Jammu Kashmir Coalition of Civil Society (JKCCS) Monday urged state government to compensate the victims of flood affected on the lines of package given to Kashmiri Pandits.
In a statement a spokesman said, “In the case of Kashmiri Pandit migrants, the state has announced a compensation package of rupees 20 lakhs, and the victims of the present disaster are equally worthy of such consideration of the state. This is not an act of benevolence or charity, but of responsibility and reparation towards the victims of state’s criminal negligence and wrongdoing.”
The announcement for this ex-gratia relief amount came from the office of the Commissioner Secretary Revenue. “Given its culpability in the causation of this disaster, it is incumbent on the government to provide compensation commensurate with the devastating losses caused,” said JKCCS.
He said, “After failing in its duties of flood control, effective evacuation mechanism, rescue operations and providing necessary relief, the state’s response in terms of the compensatory relief announced for survivors and victims’ too is wholly inadequate and humiliating.”
The spokesman said, “The complete failure of the state machinery in disaster preparedness, management and response have exacerbated the human, economic and infrastructural costs of the disaster. Three days after the inundation of South Kashmir areas, the inevitable floods reached Srinagar, where the concerned authorities were criminally negligent,”
He said, “It is only the courage, generosity and decisive actions of local communities and individuals that have ensured that the human loss from the disaster has not been more devastating. Besides the huge losses to businesses, according to government figures about 2,60000 structures have been damaged including 95,000 residential houses in Srinagar alone. Effectively more than 8 lakh people are displaced.”
The spokesman said that JKCCS is preparing a detailed fact finding report into the causes, state’s culpability, and role played by civil society and community organisations in flood control, rescue and relief.