‘Flood victims will buy vehicles if paid Rs 5 lakh in one go’

ANANTNAG: In a bizarre defence of the government’s decision to provide flood relief in installments, a senior leader of the ruling National Conference Sunday said those affected by the deluge “rather than construct houses would buy vehicles if paid Rs 5 lakh compensation in one go.”
“Government will give 5 lakh rupees ex-gratia relief for the fully damaged concrete houses. But we have decided to provide the ex-gratia in a phased manner. If whole compensation of five lakh rupees will be provided to the victims in one go they will buy vehicles out of that. So people should not get worried as 70000 rupees being provided to them this time is only the first installment,” NC leader and MLC, Abdul Majid Larmi, told reporters during his visit to a flood hit village, Hussanpora.
Larmi assured people that the compensation for the kaccha damaged houses will also be increased from the current 17000 rupees.
Asked about the allegation of the flood hit people that torn out and incomplete tents are being provided to them, NC leader said, “Tents were provided to the people as a temporary shelter only. We have started distributing first installment of the relief so that the people rendered homeless can erect some small structure for shelter out of this amount.”
Responding to the complaints of the people that the families not in possession of ration cards are being denied the free ration at ration depots, Larmi said that the government is preparing a list of both card holders and those not holding cards. “Once the list is prepared free ration of 35 kgs per month will be provided to them also,” NC leader told the people.