Long Live Our Carpets

A young boy was seen cleaning his shoes with a beautiful shawl draped over his shoulders on a chilly morning.

Two gentlemen watching him went into speculation.

 “He is a fool,” said one.

The other seemed to have a different view.

“The shawl has been gifted to him by his father,” he ventured. “The shoes he has purchased from his own earning.”

Neither the costly shawl nor the cheap pair of shoes is under discussion today.

Sheru has something else in mind, and wants people to comment on the story below.

Even as Kashmiris were risking their lives in helping each other fight the floods, gangs of burglars roamed in boats and cobbled rafts to loot deserted homes. A few were caught and thrashed.

Boat-borne burglars forced a number of people to refuse help from rescue teams who made it to flood hit areas at great risk to their lives.

An octogenarian couple in Shah Anwar Colony, Hyderpora, braved the deadly waters for seven days to save their precious carpets, each valued at Rs 3 lakh and more.

Nobody visited them and they had no food to eat.

The determined pair lived on what people in their locality called `cling-on,’ and survived till finally rescued.

As water made its way into their beautiful house, they somehow managed to haul their treasure to the second floor.

This, they thought, was enough protection from the flood, but what about the burglars on the prowl in the entire city?

The couple took a quick decision.

“We live or die with our carpets.”

And made themselves cozy as only the wise and the elderly can.

A honeymoon in maroonsville?

Later, when pressed, they refused to comment on their heroics.

But a veterinarian in the neighbourhood seemed to know more of human ways, and chor-police games.

“Death by drowning is hard to disprove,” he said.  “And who would ever miss the carpets.”