Kulgam: From doctor’s dream home to labourer’s mud house, raging Vaishaw spared none

Kulgam: From doctor’s dream home to labourer’s mud house, raging Vaishaw spared none


Chambgund (KULGAM): Nisar Ahmad Wani and his doctor brother had spent all their earnings on their dream house. But for last three weeks the family is putting up in the house of their relative in a nearby village as the flash floods in Vaishaw nallah earlier this month destroyed their home.
“We had shifted to the house only two years ago and had spent nearly one crore and 30 lakh rupees on its construction. The house had 25 rooms with all the facilities, but the ferocious waters of Veshav swallowed our dream home in minutes,” Wani said.
Wani visits the village every morning to search for the belongings from the debris of his dream home but returns dejected.
“Two passports which had been recovered by the youth from Ashmuji village from the river bed, some quilts and a blanket were all that we recovered from the wreckage,” he said.
An adjoining under-construction house of Wani’s another brother too has been completely washed away. Like Wanis, almost everyone in the habitation has a tale to narrate as the raging Vaishaw washed away at least 20 houses in the village.
Nisar Ahmad Shakhsaz, a poor labourer and a father of three daughters, cannot even find the signs of his erstwhile three room house. “After toiling hard for decades I had purchased a piece of land here and somehow managed to raise three rooms for shelter. But the flash floods swept away my house, rendering us homeless,” Shakhsaz said.
He said he could only save the certificates of his school going children before the nallah ravaged his house.
“After realizing that water was not going to spare my house, I mustered courage and got all the certificates of my children out. I have been doing all the tedious jobs only to give my children good education. So I thought saving their documents will be to save the biggest property,” he told Kashmir Reader.
“Even if I am being provided a tent I don’t have a place to erect the same for temporary shelter. How long will our relatives bear with us? I can afford to sleep on the roads but where will my daughters go?”

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