When locals rescued CRPF Company that army ignored

SRINAGAR: At a time when the Indian army was expected to provide rescue to the flood victims in Kashmir Valley, it was public that provided saved lives of the paramilitary Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) Company stationed in the SPS Museum on Jhelum bund here.
The officials of the Company, who didn’t want to be named, told Kashmir Reader that they took refuge in the new Museum building after water filled their barracks inside the complex. Subsequently, they said, they were provided food and safety by the locals only.
“In the chaos that followed the rapid flooding of the area, we could only carry our weapons to safety in the new complex, but the deluge hit our fuel as well as food supplies,” said an official who is staying with his men in Anthropology section of the new complex.
“With our supplies running low,” he added, “we were about to starve. But the locals set up a langar at the main gate of the complex, and they only provided us food.”
The flood had affected all units of CRPF stationed at various spots in the area. The headquarters of the force at Wazir Bagh too was hit by the floods.
Seeing the better condition of the Company, the other units, deprived of any official help, also joined it in hope of survival.
“Some units had tried to get help from the army choppers flying over the area, but no one helped them. They later joined us in this makeshift camp,” the official said.
“We waived at the chopper, but they did not pay attention to us,” said a trooper from the nearby camp.