Fuel-starved Kashmir turns to Kargil for supplies

Srinagar: Devastated by the flood, Kashmir Valley turns to Kargil district in Ladakh division for supply of fuel as Jammu-Srinagar highway, the main highway linking the Valley to rest of the world, continues to be closed.
The drivers in the Valley are asking their counterparts from Kargil to get them fuel.
“I asked a driver to bring 20 liters of diesel for me from Kargil. Otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to take my load carrier anywhere,” Nisar Ahmad Khan of Bota Kadal, who owns a load carrier, told Kashmir Reader.
The government’s Public Health Engineering (PHE) department too has got supplies from the far-off district to run the tankers that carry drinking water to relief camps across the city.
“Getting fuel for tankers has become a nightmare. One has to waste two days to get a few liters of fuel to run the tankers,” said Nazir Ahmad, a PHE employee, said.
Due to closure of the Jammu-Srinagar highway, the fuel reserves in the Valley are running dry. All major filling stations in the city are either submerged or running low on supplies. And the stations operating in adjoining Ganderbal district are witnessing a huge influx of customers.
The rush is so intense that filling stations have started rationing of supplies to customers with a cap of Rs 500 on purchase of petrol.
Several fuel stations are operating during night while many of them have asked for police protections.
Ahad Filling station in Pandach near Soura, an outlet of Hindustan Petroleum, was ransacked Saturday after customers got agitated for having to wait in queue for several hours to get the fuel.
People who spoke to Kashmir Reader said the filling stations close to district Ganderbal have been getting fresh supplies from Kargil.
The crisis is leading to black marketing of fuel with people alleging that they were sold petrol and diesel at double than normal market rates.