Flood dashes last- ditch measure by Padshahibagh locals

Srinagar: As a last ditch measure to protect their locality from the ravaging floods, locals of Padshahibagh here built an embankment of sand-filled sacks for last two days amid torrential rains.
However, the  raging flood waters breached it Saturday, sending waters gushing into their homes.
“We had toiled hard for last two days to protect the locality against the flood, protecting the Bund area by raising sand-filled sack embankment. We purchased the sand and sacks out of the local community fund and there was not a penny provided to us by the government,” locals told Kashmir Reader.
“We tried something but it did not help. This morning, there was a breach and within few minutes, the entire locality was flooded,” they said.
“Now, the area is flooded, at-least we should be provided adequate boats to salvage valuables and more importantly move towards safety but administration is nowhere in sight,” they said.
The major breach at Kandizal on Jhelum has impacted more than 70,000 people even as government said it has stabilised flood level at 30 feet at Ram Munshi Bagh in Srinagar’s outskirts.