Heavy rains hit weddings

Srinagar: Hundreds of marriages have been cancelled due to floods triggered by heavy rains since Wednesday.
“Hundreds of marriage invitations have been cancelled since Wednesday. All the 300 marriages scheduled for Thursday  were cancelled due to heavy rains. In this peak wedding season, we have suffered huge losses in crores. We can’t even make our workers salaries,” President Anjuman-e-Behbood-e-Ashpazan, Ghulam Nabi Baba, told Kashmir Reader.
Out of hundreds of functions, Baba said, a few families held the marriage celebrations as planned and served feast to the invitees. However, most of the families, he said, preferred to hold the Nikah ceremony in an austere way.
“It’s a natural calamity. We don’t blame anyone for it. We’ll return the token money which we had taken from our clients for preparing feast. Allah will help all,” he added.
Baba’s claims are endorsed by local English and Urdu dailies of the Valley that carried scores of notices calling off marriage invitation in wake of the bad weather conditions. Besides, some families also took the services of local cable operators and internet based news portals to convey their message to the invitees.
“We humbly inform our near and dear ones that the invitation for attending the function with regards to the marriage ceremony of our son has been postponed due to bad weather. The next date of the function will be communicated on phone,” reads a cancellation notice issued by Jaffar Ali of Delina, Baramulla.
Another cancellation notice reads “I inform all the esteemed guests that the marriage ceremony of my daughter dated 5th September will be held on this date in simple manner, but no function will be held due to bad weather conditions,”
Peer Altaf Ahmad Shah, who lives in the flood hit Bemina area of the city outskirts, told Kashmir Reader that he had to call off the post-wedding feast of his son Peer Masroor Ahmad, who was to get married Friday due to the inundated park where he had planned to erect a shamyana. Like him, he said, many families have cancelled or postponed the function due to the grave weather conditions.
“It took us four months to make all the preparations for the marriage. We had purchased firewood, spices, and other material needed for the feast. We had also paid advances to the chef, camping agency, butcher, and milkmen to make the limited function possible. However, at the eleventh hour, we had to call off the function due to heavy rains,” Shah told Kashmir Reader.
He said that the Nikah ceremony will, however, be held in a simple and austere manner as planned in advance.
“At the moment, our priority is to make the marriage possible. Five, six close relatives will join the groom and bring home the bride. Functions and reception can even be held later,” he added.
While most of the families preferred to remain on a safer side by calling off the functions, a few held the celebrations in closed door marriage or community halls.
“Due to the bad weather predictions Mantoo family changed marriage venue from our residence Shalla Kadal, Karfali Mohalla near Towheed Masjid to marriage community hall at Chotta Bazar, Kani Kadal, Srinagar. All our esteemed guests are requested to grace this pious function by their presence at the said community hall as per scheduled date and time,” reads a notice issued by Mantoo family in a local daily.