Qazi Yasir threatens stir over Kausar Naag yatra

ANANTNAG: Umat-e-Islamia chief and Mirwaiz south Kashmir, Qazi Yasir Thursday threatened to launch an agitation if the government did not shun the proposed Kausar Naag yatra .
“Identifying Kausar Naag as pilgrimage destination for Hindus is an attempt on part of Indian state to strengthen its occupation of Kashmir. But we won’t allow such things to happen. We will launch a stir on lines of 2010 agitation if
the Kausar Naag yatra proposal is not done away with,” Yasir told reporters at a press conference here.
“Kausar Naag has never been the religious place of Hindus. As per my study it was the Muslims who would slaughter some animal at the banks of the lake. And if the blood of the animal would dissolve in the waters of the spring it was considered to be a good omen. But there are no signs of the lake having ever been a religious place of Hindus,” Yasir said.