Keep the Ramadan Spirit Alive

The holy month of Ramadan has ended. The number of Muslims who visited the mosques in huge numbers during the holy month has started diminishing.  This is highly unfortunate. The holy month is a training period in which a Muslim learns how to spend the rest of the year. Ironically, as soon as the month ends, the spirit also dies down.
O Believers fasting in the month of Ramadan has been made obligatory on you like it was made obligatory on people before you so that you become righteous. (Al Quran). In this verse Allah, the most exalted, makes clear the purpose and objective of the holy month. The Muslims respond by observing fast from dawn to dusk. They recite Quran, offer prayers, give Zakaat and Sadaqaat. They also help each other; they observe various Sunnah of the revered Prophet (SAW).  But as soon as the month ends, the good deeds also end.
In a game, a player who undertakes strenuous coaching for a month or so continues to perform for the rest of the year. This helps him sharpen the skills learnt during the coaching camp. Such players achieve glory after performing in the playground.  Similarly the holy month of Ramadan is a like a coaching camp in which Muslims `recharge’ their Imaan.  But unlike a dedicated player, most of the Muslims return to their old habits after the coaching period culminates.
A Muslim has to remain a Muslim till he lives. He cannot   refuse bribe in the holy month and accept it for the rest of the year. He cannot offer Salaat in the holy month and abandon the highly virtuous deed after the month ends.  He has to refrain from evil deeds in the holy month as well as after the month ends.  He has to recite Quran not only in Ramadan. The practice has to continue for the rest of the year as well. He has to help people (irrespective of their religion) round the year and not just in the holy month.
Unfortunately after the holy month culminated, huge rush was witnessed outside the liquor shops in the city. The drunkards also caused a few accidents. Some precious lives were lost in these accidents. If the people can abstain from drinking for one month, they can abstain from the vice for the rest of the year. Nobody (reportedly) died for want of liquor during the holy month.
The spirit displayed by the Muslims in Ramadan has to stay alive for the rest of the year.  This is what Allah, the most exalted wants from them.   This is how ultimate salvation can be achieved.  Remember waywardness only harms the person who falls prey to it.   Allah does not need ones prayers or zakaat. But he wants people to follow the right path. This is why he sent down the pious Messengers (AS) and the revered Books.