NC, PDP identical, association with them is ‘haram’: Dr Faktoo

NC, PDP identical, association with them is ‘haram’: Dr Faktoo

SRINAGAR: In his message to Muslims of Kashmir ahead of Eid-ul-Fitr, the incarcerated senior pro-freedom leader and patron of the Muslim Deeni Mahaz, Dr Qasim Faktoo, has said that association with pro-India parties is “haram”, calling for boycott of all the parties without making any distinction.
“The Muslim community in Jammu and Kashmir shall get united, and must not, either voluntarily or involuntarily, get associated with pro-India parties. Associating with pro-India parties is haram,” Dr Faktoo, who is Kashmir’s longest serving detainee, said in a written message that was distributed in mosques across the Valley on Sunday.
“If National Conference is a symbol of occupation for Kashmir, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) is New Delhi’s serious attempt to crush the ongoing freedom movement. Differentiating between the two or having a soft corner towards either of them or intending to help one of them is equivalent to advocating India’s cause in the state,” he added.
“Both these parties are meant to strengthen Indian occupation in the state, further India’s cause, and to provide shield to seven lakh Indian troops in the state. Boycotting them (NC and PDP) and all other pro-India parties is a compulsory part of our freedom struggle and religion,” he said.
Dr Faktoo, who completed doctorate on the ‘Status of Sunnah in Islamic Thought and Shariah’ in jail, has been serving lifer following his arrest in February 1993. He was sentenced for his alleged involvement in the murder of human rights activist HN Wanchoo, and was freed for a brief period in 2002.
After he completed 10 years, and then 20, in jail, his family had moved High Court against his detention. However, the court rejected the plea, saying the life imprisonment means “imprisonment for lifetime.” He is running in 21st year of incarceration at Central Jail here.
Dr Faktoo, who is the husband of Dukhtaran-e-Milat chief Asiya Andrabi, also called for “pro-active role in the freedom struggle to counter the atmosphere of fear created after Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister of India.”
“An atmosphere of fear has been created in the Valley by the pro-India parties, some personalities associated with the media, and by some elements present in our camps. To counter it, we shall be steadfast in our stand; and we shall develop a pro-active character in our freedom struggle,” he said.
Urging upon the pro-freedom camp to base their struggle on Islam, he said, “There shall be an issue based unity in the pro-freedom camp. You must not let rumors and speculations disunite you.”

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  1. jameel   July 28, 2014 at 4:50 am

    Be realistic : Please write also what for he is and reasons he was detained longest serving detainee. He should thank that he was provided education in jails.While others educated youth who jailed on freedom struggle were denied by authorities. And abusing each other politics and exploit on religious basis has no place in Kashmir. People of Kashmir are struggling for just cause and paid sacrifice for Azaadi justic


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