JKYF distributes grocery kits among needy

Srinagar: JK Yateem Foundation in collaboration with Mercy Universal under widow welfare programme Sunday distributed Rs 2 lakh among registered widow families.
Around 100 Eid ration-cum-grocery kits worth Rs 2 lakh were distributed across the 13 districts of the state. One hundred kits were distributed at Baitul Hilal, Jawahar Nagar and other district units of JK Yateem Foundation, according to a JKYF handout.
Each kit consisted flour, tealeaves, edible oil, spices, salt, sugar, cereals, bath and detergent soaps, etc. The cost of each grocery kit is Rs 2000. JKYF said that every year such kits are distributed among widow headed families to have adequate grocery items before the Eid.