‘Need to purify Indian constitution from caste system’

‘Need to purify Indian constitution from caste system’


SRINAGAR: Senior Indian lawyer and a social activist, K K Sarachandra Bose, who is on All India tour to create pressure to amend the constitution of India with regard to caste discrimination, Saturday said that Indian constitution should be ‘purified from caste system.’
“The constitution is tricky and simply speaking untouchables of yesterday are today’s ST, SC, Dalits etc. and constitution of India should be purified from this,” said Bose, a member of the International Bar Association and visiting professor in International Business Law.
“The caste system is a curse on the nation and the sooner it is destroyed the better,” said Bose who started his 50-day Bharat Yatra on June 9 from Thiruvananthapuram, capital of Kerala state along with a team of 34 volunteers.
“We have provide the government with a legal notice that by or before December 31, 2014 they should clean the constitution from the caste system,” Bose said.
“Reservation should be provided on the basis of economic conditions but not one the basis of caste or colour,” he said while accusing government of ill attitude towards this grave issue. “Dr V.S Rao who has been recently appointed as the chairman of Indian Council of Historical Research is the person who has previously openly said that he wants to revive the caste system in India,” he said while claiming that these moves by the government are to suppress his movement.
Talking to Kashmir Reader he said that the politicians of India are playing with the emotions of general masses by arousing them and gathering votes on such bases. “Politicians are only preying on the caste system of the society. To them it’s only a vote generating issue. They have vested interest in the presence of castes,” he stated.
Bose accused the education system of India as being discriminatory.  “I met Dalits who told me that cattle and animals are allowed to enter the camp but we are not,” said he.
“The Supreme Court of India has ruled that the caste system conveyed the message ‘Divided we are — come and rule us’ and that ‘the caste system as projected by Manu and accepted by the Hindu society has proved to be the biggest curse for this country” he said.

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