Restaurants, food outlets charm people for Iftar

Srinagar: With most of the city restaurants and food outlets offering special menus with affordable deal during Ramadan, outdoor Iftar parties are becoming quite the rage here.
Arranging outdoor Iftar parties is gaining momentum among families, youth and executive class. Various restaurants are drawing the general public with family deals that combine both food and ambiance for celebrating Iftar. ‘7C’s Café n Fine Dine’ Restaurant at Sangarmal City centre is one such place that offers special Iftar menu at affordable rates.
“We are having an overwhelming response from people of various classes over Iftar dinners. The menu that we provide offers an extensive range of delicacies along with Ramadan special beverages and culinary masterpieces. This place remains almost full post Iftar,” General Manager ‘7C’s Café n Fine Dine’, Vijender Dulghai told Kashmir Reader.
Interestingly, ‘7C’ Café n Fine Dine’ has kept an exclusive prayer room for ladies and separate arrangement for gents, considering the theme for the holy month of Ramadan.
‘The Other Side Café’ at Sarah City centre is another restaurant that remains abuzz soon after Iftar.
Managing Director, ‘The Other Side Café’, Mir Muneeb said, “I think it is a just an opportunity of getting together and enjoying the auspicious month in a different way.”
For the month of Ramadan, ‘TOSC’ also changed the menu keeping in focus Arabian food especially grilled and barbeque items that are most popular among Kashmiris.
Apart from families, Muneeb says Iftar parties are in vogue among the executive class and youth of Srinagar.
“Families reserve the place for some functions or for their loved ones but it is mostly youth and executive class that are more into throwing Iftar parties. Alhamdulillah we had a great response and an awesome feedback regarding all sections including food quality, ambiance and services,” Muneeb told Kashmir Reader.
“Outdoor Iftar parties are the newest trend here in Kashmir. Breaking fast with friends and colleagues is always fun. In addition, Ramadan is not only a month of fasting but feasting as well, so why not. And the drive back home in the evening acts like a cherry on the cake,” said a group of youth who had come to celebrate the Iftar party.