Separate colonies for KPs will have catastrophic consquences: KEA

SRINAGAR: The Valley traders Sunday opposed the settlements of Kashmiri Pandits in separate colonies saying it will have catastrophic reaction that will eventually create social imbalance in Kashmir society.
Addressing a press conference here to announce Executive Council Members Kashmir Economic Alliance (KEA), chairman Muhamamd Yasin Khan vowed to resist the move tooth and nail. “Abrogation of Article 370, resettlement of Pandits in three protected enclaves, making Jammu spearhead of policy of formation by playing divisive politics will trigger a catastrophic reaction,” Khan said.
Khan said settlement of KPs in colonies is quite disturbing and alarming and is likely to vitiate the atmosphere of the state and can bring disastrous impact to the economy of the state. “We will oppose any such move,” he said.
He said that the alliance has keenly and closely been observing the initiatives and approach of the successive governments at New Delhi. “KEA has always been raising its concern for indifferent and unjust dispensation and approach by the government. Ever since the NDA led by BJP has taken the power at Delhi it has been trying to fiddle with contentious issues,” said he.
Khan said that Valley has witnessed worst crisis during 2008 land row, which not only claimed human lives but the entire state was put to fire.
“We will always stay steadfast and oppose such moves of the government. The world has now witnessed that the problem in Gaza (Palestine) has almost posed a threat to the world order. It seems that the government at Delhi is hand at work in unison with Mossad to make a Palestine like ghetto here,” he said.
It is aimed, he said, to resettle KPs and protect colonies is reminiscent of Israeli settlers, and implications therefore are written large and clear.
“KEA would like to make clear that Pandits are our brethren and are welcome to come back and settle anywhere in Kashmir among with their Muslim brethren,” he added.
Announcing its executive council members, spokesperson of the Alliance Siraj Ahmad said they have constituted a constitution and after Eid everything will be made clear before the people.
Siraj said that KEA is committed to safeguard the economic interests of Kashmir without any compromise and will not tolerate any discrimination by the government.
“It has been noticed that highly influential Jammu centric ministers and bureaucrats are creating impediments in the economic growth of the Valley,” he said.
Recently some of the members led by Farooq Ahmad Dar announced their breakaway from Khan’s KEA for being “political” while making alliance with panchayat members at the Municipal Park.
Speaking of the joint congregation that was held at Municipal Park by KEA and Panchayat members, Siraj said, “Holding of congregation with the sarpanchs and panchs at Municipal Park, on June 26 was thoroughly discussed in the executive Committee of the KEA and had its proper unanimous approval.”
He said some of the disgruntled elements who have been recently terminated from their basic membership are trying to malign the image of the alliance for vested interest.
“Now these terminated members and others are trying to create confusion and mislead the business fraternity in particular and public in general through their false statements. We would like to make it clear that sarpanchs or panchs are not at all part or the member of KEA, therefore, there is no question that Alliance has any political or any hidden agenda,” he said, adding that the policies of the KEA are transparent.
Meanwhile on the occasion, All Chemists and Distributors Association joined KEA as one of an executive member.
Khan also said that his KEA is the real one and anyone would be welcom back in his parent organization.
The new executive council members comprised of chairman Mohammad Yaseen Khan, with Mohammad Iqbal Trumboo, Gazi Abdul Majeed, Mohammad Ashraf Khan, Abdul Ahad Rah, Sheikh Mohammad Yousuf, Mohammad Yousuf Chapri, Bashir Ahmad Bashir, Ghulam Mohammad Mir, Ajaz Ahmad Sofi, Qazi Ashfaq Ahmad, Mohammad Ashraf Ganie, Mohammad Yousuf Parra, Ghulam Hassan Parra, Mohammad Ashraf Misgar, Ghulam Nabi Turray, Farooq Ahmad Zargar, Qazi Jalal-ud-Din, Mohammad Yaqub Ronga, Siraj Ahmad, Mohammad Azim Tuman, Manzoor Ahmad Bhat, Bashir Ahmad Kongposh, Khurshid Ahmad Shah, Farooq Ahmad Shah, Mohammad Aslam Matoo, and Abdul Rashid Tichoo as its EC members.

One Response to "Separate colonies for KPs will have catastrophic consquences: KEA"

  1. sunny koul   July 22, 2014 at 8:44 pm

    dear Mr Khan after going through to your interview every body in kashmir including your good self seems so worried and concerned about the return policy of kashmir pandits to valley, if any body including you in entire kashmir valley could come over the political ambition and religion and explain why in 1989 -90 migration was forced on entire pandits of valley why you mr khan did not try to stop us or stood by our side and fight for our rights with terrorists who not only forced us to leave valley but looted our entire belongings which our forefathers had earned with their hard earn money and then houses were set on fire by your so called jahadis and based on what after 25years you start feeling the pain of kashmir pandits if at all you would have gone through the phase all our parents and our generation has gone through then only you will know the pain and agony which we have gone through, as far as return of pandits to valley where on earth do you mr khan feel insecure coz we will have our own shops within the mega cities is that what worries you, for your kind information there are 3000 kashmir muslim families who are migrants and they too will be living along with all pandit migrants in same mega cities, so my sincere suggestion for you is to stop betting around the bush and also your hypocrisy with which people like you have fooled innocent kashmir muslims