Gaza: We feel your pain

No matter where Muslims are oppressed Kashmiris feel the pain. Be it Gaza, Iraq or Afghanistan Kashmir stands with the oppressed people in their fight for freedom.
Words seem inadequate to express the sadness we sense about you. We cannot even initiate to imagine your grief and we are terribly regretful for what is happening to you, as we ponder ourselves desperate to do anything. What I do know for sure is that we are willing to stand by and support you through this difficult time by simple protest on streets of which we have a similar history left. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. We are thinking of you during this difficult time.
I remember the saying of our Prophet (PBUH): Muslim community should be just like a human body. If one part of the body is injured, the whole body feels the pain. Really we feel it at Indian occupied Kashmir, as we are also experiencing its real ache-practically.
Gaza! We went to streets to have solidarity for you. Our schools, colleges and universities came out to protest. Let me convey you that we are a prey of similar strategy having its root in Israel. Summer vacations were announced, so that we shall remain away! Yet we came to streets, which resulted in arrests and detentions and above all it also resulted in an innocent teenage killing. Kashmir’s pro-freedom camp here also called for the protests against the crises you are suffering.
Here at our land using Israeli tactics has a history. Israel is a close ally of India. No doubt we are far away from Israel but we are fighting them here, as they are the key culprits for facilitating our destruction. Israeli strategy being employed in Palestine acts as photocopy for India in Kashmir. So we can feel the real breeze of your suffering at our occupied land.
After series of protests rocked Kashmir against Israel’s strikes upon Gaza, the Israeli government for the first time in history has issued travel advisory for the Valley- asking its citizens not to visit the region. They want their citizens to be safe but for the other people whom they refer to as Gentiles they can pass any limits. But even envisaging the Muslim-Israeli death ratio of 300:1 we Muslims are in deep sleep. This makes me dismay and is in fact a malady.
We both were born at the end of British colonialism. We both are seen illegitimate in our right. We both face widespread abuses of human rights, arrests, detentions, killings, mass graves, et al. That is also one of the reasons we feel your pain more than any part of the world.
We pray to Almighty Allah to grant you success and destroy the evil forces. We also pray to Allah to help you with the spiritual forces to defeat the enemy. We also pray to Almighty to open the knot from the tongues of Muslims all over the world and to wake them from the slumber. Ameen.
—The author is an MBA from University of Kashmir and can be reached at