Sheru’s Best Friend

Gulshana and Sheru were fast friends.  They were batch-mates and started their professional pursuits together.  The firm they founded was known for co-ordination between them.

But then something happened.  Gulshana joined government service and Sheru joined the second oldest profession.

Gulshana had to undergo training, and Sheru was too busy to find time to meet Gulshana.

Months passed. Sheru and Gulshana could not meet.

Then one day, Sheru suddenly came across Gulshana in the Sadr Court premises.

At tea in the court canteen, they talked over old times, the meeting lasting several hours.

They promised to meet regularly. But it was not to be. Gulshana disappeared yet again.

A common friend said Gulshana had fallen in laive.  Sheru was shocked.

Out he came and launched a massive manhunt.

By evening Sheru learnt that Gulshana had turned poet, the diwaan titled Merry Star.

But before Sheru could chaak his garebaan, Gulshana was found.

Sheru fired a volley of questions.

Gulshana was deeply in laive. Sheru was impressed.

Sheru also had a look at the Merry Star. It had depth.

But the person Gulshana had fallen for was not aware of the development.  Normally, Sheru does not give advice to sadak chaap Romeos. But the case was different today.

It was Gulshana, and how could Sheru stay aloof.

Sheru told Gulshana to contact the person in question immediately. Gulshana was not ready for that. Sheru knows a laiver must be bold, like him.

If an ashiq cannot convey his or her feelings to the mahboob, laanat hai. One has to speak out. At the most, the person will say no.

But Sheru’s philosophizing was Greek to Gulshana.

The sha’iri continued for some time more.  The ice could not be broken, and Sheru left Gulshana alone.

More time passed.

One day Sheru was told that the person Gulshana had named Merry Star was getting married.

Sheru smiled, but not in sarcasm.

Sheru called Gulshana. They met. Fortunately Gulshana did not shed any tears, perhaps knowing that Sheru carried no handkerchief.

This was no time for teri aankh key aansoon pee jaawoon…,

Gulshana was shattered, but what could Sheru do. After all, sheesha ho ya dil ho, aakhir toot jata hai

Then, one evening, when Sheru was returning from office, he was given an invitation card.

Gulshana was getting married.

Next morning Sheru hugged Gulshana in the Court Complex.

No eyebrows were raised. People knew about their relationship.

“They have worked together for several years and are beast friends.”

Sheru accompanied Gulshana on wedding day.

The bride looked radiant, and Gulshana a happy man.