Sagar story: Police, NC justify officer’s suspension

Moazum Mohammad

Srinagar: A day after a police officer was placed under suspension for not apologizing to the brother of senior minister Ali Mohammad Sagar, the police department and the ruling National Conference on Saturday sought to justify the action against the officer.
On Friday, police put under suspension Divisional Officer (Sub-Inspector), Bhagyas police post, Syed Waseem Jehangir for barging into the residence of brother of Sagar at Nawab Bazaar in the Old City. The police officer was chasing a group of youth who were holding anti-Israel protests and had taken shelter in the house.
Jehangir later refused to tender an apology to Sagar’s brother, leading to his suspension, a move justified by his superiors.
“The officer was suspended because he entered into the residential house. It was an embarrassment for the police department.  He had also entered into a verbal duel with the family members,” Superintendent of Police, North city, Tahir Saleem, told Kashmir Reader.
Sagar’s party also defended the action against the police officer.
NC spokesperson Junaid Azim Matoo said, “Such disciplinary action was based on merit as the officer had entered into the house and broken windowpanes as well.”
“The action is based on merit. The officer broke windowpanes and barged into their residence. If an officer barges into any civilian house that person has to face disciplinary action,” Matoo said.
Asked why no “such disciplinary action” was taken against policemen who barged into hundreds of residential houses during the 2010 agitation in Kashmir and damaged property, Matoo said that “on record action was taken against trespassing”.
“The nature of conflict here is such that only lapses get highlighted. There are hundreds of examples of disciplinary actions in such cases,” Matoo claimed, without citing any case.